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We Fix Any Problem with Any Electronic Device!

•Screen          •Wi-Fi           •Power Button •Digitizer         •Speaker      •LCD           •Home Button •Earpiece     •Battery         •Mic                •Charger       •Water

                             Port              Damage!  


We're not parts-changers,
we are the mechanics of electronic repair.

At Fonestar Repair, we fix our clients’ devices with the highest quality parts for the lowest prices in Nevada. You can also expect to receive amazing customer service, no matter how simple or complex your problem is. If you need Las Vegas phone repair services, turn to us! Our team members don’t just switch-out parts; they understand the engineering and mechanics behind phone repair. Whether your screen is cracked, your speaker won’t work, your WiFi isn’t functioning, your buttons are stuck, your battery is dead, or your microphone is out of commission, bring your gadget to us. We provide our customers with both basic Las Vegas phone repair services and smartphone repair in Las Vegas. Whether your phone is old or new, we can get it working again!​

FoneStar Repair store location

We offer both generic cell phone repair in Las Vegas and smartphone repair in Las Vegas.

Smartphone repair and customizing

We find the most economical approach to repair your device, without compromising quality.​

Pre-paid services available

We offer pre-paid services from various, different providers. 

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